Kayla + P.J. | The Farm at Dover Wedding

Sep 16, 2019

Back in October or 2018, we got the chance to shoot THIS lovely engagement session for Kayla and P.J. Well, we’re pleased to announce that Kayla and P.J. were married last July and we were there to capture all of it at The Farm at Dover in Kansasville, WI! Getting to know these two during their engagement session, we knew their wedding was going to be a ton of fun, and we were right!

Kayla + P.J.’s Wedding at The Farm at Dover

What we didn’t predict about the wedding day was just how crazy the weather was going to be.

When we got out of our cars, it was 94 degrees with 100% humidity—everything felt wet. This would be bearable at most weddings that had regular venues, BUT… The Farm at Dover is super old school. Of the 3 buildings on the property, only the farmhouse has air conditioning (and of course, that’s where the girls were getting ready).

P.J. and his guys had to sweat it out in one of the smaller barns while getting ready. But they made the best of it, listening to French Montana’s “Pop That” at volume 100 using P.J.s favorite Marshall Woburn speaker and drinking COLD beers—I mean… it was basically a sweaty fest of awesomeness, and it was super fun hanging out with these guys, despite the heat.

Now, Kayla is soft-spoken and gentle whereas P.J. is more of a loud character who lets the world know what he thinks. But one thing’s for certain, they both balance each other out and love each other madly.

Kayla was set on an outside ceremony. Even with a 90% chance of rain, she said she wouldn’t have it any other way. And if you’re going to have an outside ceremony despite the chance of rain, The Farm at Dover is the place to do it. Kayla absolutely loved the outdoor ceremony location at the venue, and P.J. pushed HARD to make it happen, even against everyone’s recommendations. That’s love, man. You go P.J.!

In the end, it all worked out… kind of. Kayla got to walk down the aisle rain-free, but it immediately started down-pouring about a minute into the ceremony. It definitely made for some great photos while everyone ran to the barn so we could finish up indoors. We loved the photo of P.J., Kayla, and her father laughing while it poured down on them.

Documentary Approach | This Is Feeling Photography

Kayla and P.J. definitely hired us for our documentary approach to wedding photography. They wanted us to tell their story and capture all of the little details of the wedding day—the flowers, the decorations, the beauty of the barn, and all the little moments in between. We feel we definitely captured a bunch of those moments that really touched us throughout the day.

But that’s what we do here at This Is Feeling. We see a great shot and we take it, 100% of the time! If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer, but can’t seem to find one that fits the style you’re looking for, we should talk! We definitely have a different take on what wedding photography should be. It shouldn’t be a staged affair, but a free and open concept to capturing your big day. Every moment counts! Let’s talk about how we can make your wedding day one of the most memorable days of your lives!

Featured Wisconsin Vendors

Venue: The Farm at Dover

Florist: The Pink Peony

Makeup: Natalia Evangelista


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