Kayla + P.J. – Fall Engagement Session

Mar 15, 2019

At the end of last October, we got to shoot a playful little Fall engagement session with Kayla and PJ at the Spring Valley Center & Heritage Farm in Schaumburg, IL. It was a beautiful Fall session between two amazing people and we’re glad we were there to capture it!

PJ and Kayla’s Playful Engagement Session in Schaumburg, IL

Kayla and PJ are soon to be wed at The Farm at Dover in Kansasville, WI. They hired us as their photographers because when they saw our photos, they said they really loved our documentary style of photography. They said the best photos tell stories and focus on raw, candid moments. That’s all we try to do here at This Is Feeling!

Kayla and PJ really like the outdoors. And Spring Valley holds a special place in Kayla’s heart because she spent a lot of time there as a child with her family. Needless to say, photographing the engagement session there really meant a lot to her. 

When we were talking to Kayla, she told us that PJ is just about the funniest person she’s ever met! He has a way of making every day with him fun and exciting. She loves how he challenges her to get out of her shell and comfort zone more and more each day. When all is said and done, she said she loves how much love they have for each other. 

PJ was definitely able to get her out of her comfort zone during this session. He was playing around through most of the shoot and Kayla totally went with it. PJ was very comfortable in front of the camera and even had some ideas he wanted to bring to the session. 

PJ really wanted a photograph with the lake in the background. Nature was completely still during their engagement session. There was hardly any wind at all and it made the lake look almost glass-like. It was serene. We ended up getting an incredible shot of them at the water’s edge. He was really playing around, and Kayla totally went along with it.

These two obviously really love each other. You can see that in the photos. PJ told us, what he loves about Kayla is how meek and humble she is, which is the complete opposite of him. He said it has helped him do a complete 180 on how he approaches certain issues and situations.

We are extremely happy with the shots we got. Fall was super late this year. Usually, we expect the leaves to change in mid-October. A good number of our fall 2018 sessions didn’t go as planned because our clients were expecting beautiful Fall colors, but Kayla and PJ really lucked out! Spring Valley was full of color! It was a beautiful engagement session.

Kayla and PJ, we’re so happy for the two of you. Good love can be a hard thing to find, but it looks like you guys struck gold! And we’re so incredibly excited to see what comes next!



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