Jessica + Ricardo’s Salvage One Chicago Wedding

Sep 23, 2019

Back in July, we had an absolute blast shooting Jessica and Ricardo’s wedding at Salvage One in Chicago, IL. These two were all about family, and a BIG family at that! We had so much fun as the wedding photographers for this group and we wanted to share some of the incredible photos we captured!

Jessica & Ricardo’s Salvage One Wedding

One thing you need to know about Jessica and Ricardo is how true to their roots they are—we’re talking family, food, and FUN! And the incredible wedding this family threw spoke completely to those values.

Throughout the wedding day, Jessica and Ricardo let their love shine, and you could really see it pouring off of them—how much they loved one another. Ordinary people have weddings every day, but with this couple, you could really see what marriage was all about—it was all about the feeling they brought with them. And not just them, but their friends and family, too! If you know anything about us as wedding photographers, you know that feeling is what we’re all about!

Jessica and Ricardo are very much connected to their Mexican roots, so this wedding was very reflective of that, but it was also mixed with the grit of Chicago. It was the kind of combination we LIVE for here at This Is Feeling!

They held their ceremony at Pilsen’s St. Puis Church, which has served the predominantly Mexican-American and immigrant population of Chicago for nearly 50 years! After the ceremony, we took them exploring deep into Chicago’s historic districts to show off the rich history of this amazing city. We got some incredible shots overlooking the Chicago River, walking around the Wrigley Building, and then stopping at Chicago’s iconic Kinzie St. bridge.

After that, it was time to get the party started with a wild reception at Salvage One here in Chicago. Salvage One holds a crazy mix of cultural artifacts which definitely set the stage perfectly for these two. They had not one, not two, but THREE LIVE BANDS, with music all centering around their Mexican roots. It was a great mix of classic Chicago and rich Mexican history, all bound up in modern love.

Ricardo and Jessica really knew how to let loose on a dance floor, which always makes for incredible reception photography. We’re big on our documentary approach to wedding photography here at This Is Feeling, and this couple—nay, this family—was so full of character! Our aim throughout the day was to focus on that character—definitely not something you can do if your main focus as a wedding photographer is shooting a “picture perfect” wedding day…

Instead of trying to capture a “flawless” wedding day in our photos, we say bring on the flaws! Bring on the imperfections! That’s what we’re all about! Only when you’re not concerned with taking the perfect shot every shot do you actually catch those MAGIC shots. The shots that really speak to what the wedding day is all about. That’s what we look for when we’re photographing a wedding, and that’s exactly what we got with Jessica and Ricardo.

So to Jessica and Ricardo, thank you so much for allowing us to be your wedding photographers on your big day! We had such a blast with you and your wonderful families and we wish you a lifetime full of happiness and joy! Cheers, you two.

Featured Chicago Wedding Vendors

Reception Venue: Salvage One

Ceremony: St Puis V

Catering: Honky Tonk Catering

Transportation: Chicago Trolley Rental

Live Music: Madera Once, Regional Mexican Music

DJ: Eddie V

Wedding Cake: Urban Icing

Videographer: RJO Videography


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