Sarah & Joseph’s Biagio Events Chicago Wedding

Dec 27, 2019

On April 27th Sarah and Joseph were married in a beautiful snowy wedding at Biagio Events and Catering. We had a blast as the wedding photographers for this laid-back Chicago wedding.

A Snowy Biagio Events Wedding

Sarah and Joseph’s wedding day was one of those super weird weather days It was a snowy day in late April. Not just a few pretty flurries, this was cold, wet, bone-chilling weather. We actually shot Jeremy and Magda’s wedding the same day! Mark Twain once said, “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” Well, this April 27th hit close to that many!

We love it when weddings are first about love and then about everything else. What I mean is that sometimes, on your wedding day, not everything will go according to plan. Actually, it happens more often than not. Some brides, grooms, parents and even guests tend to freak out about rainy or snowy days. This was definitely not the case with Sarah and Joseph. We never saw a sad or worried face, they were enjoying every moment as it came.

Sarah and Joseph both have a love for volleyball. They actually met through volleyball since they are both volleyball coaches. It was love at first spike! Joseph’s dad officiated the wedding, and he brought a volleyball into the ceremony to highlight how important it was and is to their relationship. So, you’re gonna see that volleyball in a few of the photographs. More than a few. But we love when our couples infuse their wedding day with their own personality. Sarah and Joseph brought that in every moment and every photograph, even when it was cold and wet.

Old Irving Brewing Co. Wedding Portraits

This was not an easy day for us to photograph. The weather really was a struggle. But the bride and groom had a plan. They’d scouted out a great backup location for weather: Old Irving Brewing Co. And before we knew there would be unseasonable weather, they’d gotten permission to shoot there well before the wedding day. This gave us a ton of creative freedom despite the crappy weather. We did their bridal party portraits at the brewery and we didn’t have to worry about a thing! This bridal party was so much fun, and their pictures were FULL of joy and energy.

Sarah and Joseph chose us because of our fine-art documentary wedding photography. They shared: “We are a very happy, silly couple. We love to laugh. We never take life too seriously and that shows in our relationship. We want to make sure that joy is captured and comes across through the photography/video. We prefer candid and natural photography — it’s why we picked you! — and would opt for that over more ‘posed’ shots.”

We love the portrait of them in the rain with their umbrella because it showed their love in the midst of the snow and bad weather. We thought it was just like their relationship: focusing on the love and joy and laughter. It really was a great capture of who they are and what their wedding day was like.

Sarah, Joseph, thank you. Thank you for trusting us with this amazing day. It was such a pleasure to capture the emotions and stories of your snowy wedding day. Thank you for asking us to be your photographers. We know that with your happy, positive attitudes you’ll be ready for anything life serves you.

Thanks to their Chicago Wedding Vendors

Florist: Community Flower Shop

DJ: Dustin Drase – Toast and Jam

Ceremony Musicians: Benton Wedge

Venue: Weddings at Biagio, and Biagio Events and Catering


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