Christine and Andrew Wedding at Firehouse Chicago

May 21, 2019

Last March, we helped Christine and Andrew celebrate their wedding as their wedding photographers! We had an absolute blast with these guys as they tied the knot at Firehouse Chicago in Chicago, IL. We love it when wedding couples build a ceremony and reception that reflects who they are. It’s such a pleasure to share the wedding photography from their fun wedding day on the blog today.

Christine + Andrew’s Firehouse Chicago Wedding

When Christine and Andrew booked with us, they told us how much they loved our documentary approach to wedding photography, but they also were concerned with how they’d feel in front of the camera. They said it best: “We want honest, thoughtful pictures that don’t make us look awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera. If our photos can portray the real emotions/feelings we are having, that would be great! Especially for photos of the ceremony.”

Not every couple we photograph can even give us 1-2 hours of their time on their wedding day. Lucky for us, we got to play around with Christine and Andrew throughout the day to create amazing, natural photographs. That, to us, is a real luxury as wedding photographers. We loved their laid back and easy going attitude.

Christine and Andrew designed a wedding day that revolved around everyone, including themselves. Their aim was to enjoy their wedding day without it feeling like a performance. What did that look like for us, the wedding photographers? We literally got 15—maybe 20 minutes to create portraits of them and their small wedding party. And to top that off, we only used one location: The front of their venue, the amazing Firehouse Chicago. This goes to show it’s not about going to multiple locations on the day of the wedding. Sometimes, keeping it simple gives you the best results!

At one point, our second photographer, Pavel, went up to our lead photographer, Ben, and said, “Dude, the couple is coming down the fireman’s pole to introduce themselves!” Ben thought Pavel was joking and brushed it off. But then, the venue planner came up and said the same thing. They literally went down the fireman’s pole to introduce themselves during the reception, and it was awesome!

There were so many great moments during the wedding day. Watching Christine meet with her aunt, just before the ceremony, was incredibly emotional. Here at This Is Feeling, we’re all suckers for those types of honest, human moments.

Also working with Christine, who couldn’t stop laughing while we were trying to take their portraits. They were both super afraid of getting awkward photographs. We always make a point to tell couples, “It’s not about how you look, it’s about you two being in love. That’s what photographs well.”

And to top EVERYTHING off—as if this wedding couldn’t get any better—they had a GELATO BAR! It was cute watching them try to spoon gelato into each other’s mouths, which we definitely got a picture of.

To Andrew and Christine, thank you two SO MUCH for letting us take part in your amazing wedding! We all had a blast getting to know you guys throughout the day and we’re all so excited for the two of you starting this new chapter of your lives! Cheers!

Featured Chicago Wedding Vendors

Venue: Firehouse Chicago

Emcee/Reception Music: Just Press Play

Ceremony Music: Fretless Music – Stephanie

Hair/Makeup: Rare Bird Beauties – Loana


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