Chicago Proposal Photographer

May 14, 2019

Recently, we had the amazing opportunity of photographing a live proposal here in Chicago.  It was a first for us, but we couldn’t be happier with the photos we took and the couple who gave us the chance to take a proposal session in the first place!

Donald and Danielle’s Chicago Proposal Photo Session

We’ve literally never photographed a live proposal here at This Is Feeling—not ever! From what we know about them, they almost never run on time, and they can be extremely difficult to photograph without blowing the surprise.  And even still, there’s no way of knowing how they’ll even turn out, right?!

But when we got a call from Donald about his upcoming proposal, we knew we had to get this one on film. He just had the best attitude about what it would take for us to photograph his special proposal to his girlfriend Danielle next to the Chicago River outside of Chicago’s Gibsons Italia. Donald had a fierce confidence about getting it done, too. 

But sure enough. Both Donald and Danielle ran late. It was also both cold and slightly sprinkling outside… I’m sure it wasn’t exactly what Donald was expecting.  

But do you know the beautiful thing about someone who’s determined and ready to propose? Nothing’s going to get in their way. Nothing! Donald was going to propose that day, rain or shine! 

Well, of course, she said yes! And a few days after their proposal, this spontaneous couple ran off to Vietnam for a quick vacation. We were so excited to hear from them after their trip! Not only were they thrilled with the photographs we sent them, but they also wanted to chat with us about photographing their upcoming wedding!

We want to give a big thanks for Gibsons Italia in Chicago for letting us use their property for the proposal.

Congrats, Donald and Danielle!  You two deserve all the happiness life has to offer!  

Proposal Photography | This Is Feeling

As we said, we’d never done something like this, but now we’re addicted! If you have a big idea for how you’re going to propose to your partner, we’d LOVE to talk to you!

Let’s chat about how we can make one of the biggest days of your lives even more spectacular!


  1. Isaac Alzen

    I realize this is very short notice, but I’m inquiring regarding a planned surprise proposal for this Saturday, the 12th. The engagement ring I purchased was finished much earlier than expected, and I’m looking to see if any photographers are available this Saturday (I am thinking some time late afternoon / evening, but before a late dinner reservation). If you could let me know if you by any chance have any availability, and what your pricing is, that would be great! We’re from out of town, so I’m thinking of making this just a shoot of the proposal and a couple pictures after, because I think she will want to do a full engagement shoot once we are back home.

  2. Shaila Shah

    I’m looking for proposal photographs. Looking for Nov 30th or Dec 21st. Please let me know if you are available and cost.
    We are out of state and trying to co-ordinate in Chicago.
    This is for my son and daughter-in-law.

  3. Gregory Schramuk

    Good evening!

    I am planning the big question the night of the 30th of this month at the Chicago Theatre after the show Cirque Du Soleil for a Christmas show. I would like to see if it would be possible to set something up for photos of the proposal outside the theatre (an exact location would need to be discussed) as I would like the lights in the background in the photo. Let me know if this is something that could be worked out with you!

    Looking forward to discussing this with you in detail.

    Thank you so much

  4. Tyler Lee

    Hello, I am looking into proposal photography in March and was wondering what your fees would be and how long in advance I would need to schedule.


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