Dave + Stephanie’s Jewish Wedding at Ignite Glass Studio

Jul 22, 2019

Back in May, we at This Is Feeling had a most excellent time shooting Dave and Stephanie’s all-out, epic Jewish wedding at Ignite Glass Studio here in Chicago, IL.  We made it our MISSION IN LIFE to capture honest and real shots of this wedding day. Luckily, honest and real for Stephanie and Dave is all about having a good time!

So let’s dive into one of THE most outstanding and stylish Jewish wedding this side of the century!

Dave + Stephanie’s Incredible Jewish Wedding at Ignite Glass Studio

Dave and Stephanie are, for the most part, all business… with a TON of play!  They both attended The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and are very much in love with their professional lives, but not as much as they’re in love with each other.  They had a great time at school, though. So much so that they wanted to go back!  

We got permission to go inside one of their old lecture halls, wedding party in-tow, and they were more excited than a pack of kids in a candy shop.  We love the shots of them being goofy with each other while sitting in their respective seats. But, honestly, Dave and Stephanie really are just super genuine people.  They make a point to surround themselves with amazing, supportive friendships, and you can really feel that in the photographs we got on their big day.

When Dave and Stephanie first contacted us about being their wedding photographers, they told us, “We view our wedding as an opportunity to celebrate our love for one another and our lifelong partnership with the people in our lives who we care about the most!”  We at This Is Feeling are all about that life! That’s the exact type of wedding we love to shoot. When weddings are treated more as a celebration of love, it makes it incredibly easy to capture those in-the-moment shots we’re always on the lookout for. They told us they were mostly “looking forward to having fun with our friends, tearing it up on the dance floor, and trying to keep the pace and energy up!”  Well, we got it all, and the wedding photos came out perfect!

We’re fans of most things that happen at Jewish weddings, and Dave and Stephanie couldn’t have celebrated their wedding in a more awesome way.  Their Ketubah signing ceremony was as fun as it was intimate. There was a moment during the signing where they shared this look with each other.  A look that said, “This is it. Are you ready? You better be.” It was perfect and incredibly unique to their entire relationship.

Dave and Stephanie’s parents have a lot of admiration and love for them.  So much so that they felt it necessary to embarrass them not only during the rehearsal dinner but ALSO on the day of their wedding!  Both sets of parents decided to surprise them with some good, ol’fashioned freestyle rap.  But Dave had a little trick up his sleeve as well, and took center stage to serenade his new bride with a drum solo!  By the end of it, Stephanie was screaming like a teenager at a Bieber concert! It was pretty awesome and a first for us here at This Is Feeling.

The entire reception was just a truly epic time for everyone.  The Hora Dance is always a blast, but to be honest, there was never a dull moment with this wedding.  Dave and Stephanie, we are so grateful you hired us as your wedding photographers. We had the BEST time with you guys.  Keep on loving each other, but more importantly, keep letting the good time roll. Cheers, you two.

Featured Chicago Wedding Vendors

Venue: Ignite Glass Studio

Hair & Makeup: Fearless & Bella

Decor: Atmosphere Events Group

Day of Coordinator: The Simply Elegant Group

Band: Final Say


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