Kate + Kevin’s Dog Lovers’ Chicago Engagement

Jan 7, 2020

Back in November, we got the chance to capture Kate and Kevin’s dog lovers’ Chicago engagement session with their pup Rufus around the Bridgeport neighborhood, with an end cap at Marz Brewing. We had so much fun with these three and couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day!

A Dog Lovers’ Chicago Engagement Session

Kate and Kevin had a few specific requests for their engagement session. First off, they wanted to recreate the album cover of “Through Being Cool” by Saves The Day for their saves the date. So we met them at their house, which was covered in Halloween decor with horror/sci-fi artwork hanging all over. Our inner nerds immediately knew that this couple was going to be a blast to work with!

Secondly, they wanted a handful of photos with their dog Rufus. So we decided it would be cool to walk around the neighborhood with their pup.

People always ask us if it’s okay to bring their dogs along on engagement (and even some wedding) shoots. Our answer: ABSOLUTELY! We love dogs and we love including them in your photos. The way we see it, our documentary-style approach to photography works really well with dog lovers — because WE’RE dog lovers! But most importantly, we want to focus on what you love.

If your dog is part of your family, then we want them in the session. Because after all, these shoots are all about creating a session that is a reflection of who you are as a couple at this time in your life.

After that, we all headed to the Bridgeport neighborhood to wander around the industrial alleyways and capture some incredible shots of just the two of them.  Kate and Kevin are so in love!  And just being around them, despite the chilly weather brought warmth to all of our hearts.

Lastly, they wanted to take some shots at a location that matched their venue’s aesthetic. So we decided to escape the Chicago cold inside Marz Brewing to enjoy a few beers over pinball games and delicious grub!

All in all, what an amazing day! We had so much fun hanging out with Kate, Kevin and Rufus for their dog lovers’ Chicago engagement session! We even stuck around Marz Brewing after the shoot just to get to know them even better!

To Kate and Kevin, thanks for letting us be a part of your engagement! We can’t wait for you two to get hitched!


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      Hey thanks mr/ms san diego elopement photographer lol!!! – Ben


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