Rachel and Rob’s Downtown Chicago Winter Wedding

Mar 13, 2019

Last December, we had the amazing opportunity to photograph Rachel and Rob’s eclectic downtown wedding at The University Club of Chicago in, you guessed it, Chicago, IL. What an incredible celebration this was! Let’s not kid ourselves, it was cold, but we weren’t going to let a little Chicago winter get in our way.

Rachel & Rob’s Eclectic Downtown Winter Wedding

Rachel and Rob have been lucky enough to travel all over the world with each other. They told us, even when they were visiting some of the most beautiful and exotic locations, some of their fondest memories were simply playing a game of cards with one another while they were there. They truly love spending time with one another, no matter the location. They don’t ever take themselves too seriously, and they try to find the humor in every situation they get themselves into!

Winter weddings often don’t have the most ideal weather conditions. But, weather isn’t what makes or breaks a wedding day — it’s all about attitude! We always encourage our couples to design their wedding day around what they love. If they’re having a fun time, that’ll show up in the photographs. 

This was definitely the case with Rachel and Rob. They didn’t let the cold get to them, so they got an awesome variety of portraits both inside and out — especially around the Art Institute. We got to explore the grounds of The Art Institute of Chicago, and that was a real treat. They both wanted to be able to capture the city of Chicago in their wedding photos, even in winter.

Rachel and Rob certainly were a funny couple. Rachel insisted on taking a Capri Sun drink break during family photographs because she loves Capri Sun so much! And speaking of family, a large part of this wedding day was all about bringing Rachel and Rob’s family and friends together in one location. We love the image of Rachel walking down the aisle with her father, it was truly a special moment for her. 

Rachel and Rob’s aim was for their big day to be just an all-out, awesome celebration. Both of them were super excited to have a live band to get the party hyped during the reception. And The University Club of Chicago was such a great spot for such an eclectic group of people. This couple even made their own limoncello to give as party favors at the end of the night. You can see them all lined up and ready to go in one of the photos. It was a super refreshing libation after a long night of dancing and having a good time.

All in all, we’d like to extend our most sincere thanks and congratulations to Rachel and Rob. This was an incredibly cool wedding to be a part of and we’re so glad you chose us as your wedding photographers. Cheers, you two!

The Wonderful Chicago Vendors

Makeup: Ioana @ Rare Bird Beauty

Florist: Erin @ A Stem Above

Band: Blue Water Kings Band

Venue: University Club of Chicago


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