Maureen and Ben’s Classic Chicago Engagement Session

Dec 4, 2019

Not every couple gets an engagement session when they book with us. We’d say about 40% of our wedding couples want engagement photography. We don’t include engagement sessions in our wedding photography packages, and we don’t push people to get them “just to get them.” Our thinking is you should only invest in things that you value. So, we really push our wedding couples to think about WHY they want an engagement session. We ask our couples: what’s your goal for these sessions?

For Maureen and Ben, they had two important goals for their engagement session. First, they think they’re awkward in front of the camera (they were NOT!), so they wanted to get comfortable with the camera. Secondly, they wanted a nice save the date photograph in a classic downtown Chicago location. To make sure we created a classic Chicago engagement session, we settled on Milton Lee Olive Park for the waterfront view, and the Riverwalk, which is just a beautiful classic downtown location.

Candid Engagement Photography

Probably our favorite part of this engagement session was watching Maureen and Ben get funny with one another. A lot of people think that engagement photography sessions are all about looking perfect and posing perfectly in the photos. Bah! We hate that idea!

We want you to be yourselves because you are going to change SO much in the next few years. These photographs will be so much more fun to look back at because you’ll really see how life was for the two of you. You can see it took a bit for Maureen and Ben to get goofy. At one point they decided to have a little dance party, and you can really see them open up after that.

Classic Chicago Engagement Session This Is Feeling Photography

Real Moments with This is Feeling Photography

Maureen and Ben found This Is Feeling while going through Instagram. They wanted a photographer that was laid back, relaxed, and focused on real candid moments on their wedding day. It’s no surprise that they loved our authentic, raw, documentary approach to wedding photography.

We are excited to photograph their upcoming Chicago’s Floating World Gallery wedding in July 2020!


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