Katelyn + Michael’s Snowy Montrose Harbor Engagement Session

Dec 17, 2019

Katelyn and Michael wanted their engagement session to take place somewhere that could reflect the fact that they are both outdoorsy, adventurous people. Heading into winter, we all knew this would be a bit more challenging. It turns out, we found a great location at Chicago’s Montrose Harbor area. Even though it was close to the city, it had that outdoorsy feeling. The area was full of natural beauty — perfect for their outdoorsy engagement session!

Montrose Harbor Engagement Photos

We all marked our calendars for their November engagement session. Temperatures dropped and snow began to fall the day their session was scheduled. We had to make a judgment call an hour before meeting up: cancel and reschedule or power through the weather. Fortunately, Katelyn and Michael chose to power through, and we’re so glad they did! We got to play in the snow and really take advantage of their sense of adventure. It was a ton of fun, and even though none of us could feel our hands anymore… these two were still up for ending the session with a good old-fashioned snowball fight and one final, quick walk along the windy lakefront.

Late fall and winter photo sessions in Chicago are always a bit risky because you don’t know how the weather is going to turn out. We had NO idea it would snow in mid-November here in Chicago for their engagement session. But Katelyn and Michael made the best out of it. It was fun to photograph their impromptu snowball fight, but we really love the super wide shot with the moody winter sky — you would never guess we were just miles from Chicago.

Candid Engagement Photography

Katelyn and Michael hired This is Feeling Photography because they wanted real, diverse, candid wedding photography that documented their wedding day. And they wanted their engagement session to feel the same way. They wanted great save the date photos to show people their love and to celebrate their upcoming July wedding at Hyatt Lodge. We are sure that we’ll have more adventures at their Hyatt Lodge wedding, (hopefully with less snow, though) and we can’t wait to photograph them in a meaningful way. Thank you, Katelyn and Michael for choosing to share your adventures with us!


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