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Small Wedding FAQ’s


NO BULLSHIT: what does that mean?

It means the world is full of bullshit, and we are not fans.  We’re honest, up front, realistic, talented, and professional.  We’re looking for people who are kinda sick of all the fluff around being sold to while planning a wedding.


What’s your photo and video style?

Fine-art documentary photography – this means that we focus on documenting real, candid, natural moments throughout your day. Your photographs will speak about the in-between moments you missed out on, the feelings, the emotion, the details, and the people that you love the most. And we’ll definitely find some time to take some nice photographs of the two of you, your wedding party, and your family.

Our videography style is super similar (obviously). The cool thing about hiring us for both is that you’ll have just one point of contact for your wedding day to coordinate all the details, which makes it easier for you throughout the planning process.


TAKE MY MONEY - oh shit, actually how much is this going to cost?

Budgets, lovely! You can expect to pay $3-5k for photography. If you want photo and video diced up into an awesome package of awesomeness, you’ll be around $5.5-8k. Big range, right? That’s why we should jump on a quick call to talk about how many hours we’ll need to be with you, and what kind of stuff you want!

Are you guys like, cool and chill? I’m kinda weird in front of the camera.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Super chill. And nobody is normal in front of cameras – that’s why you hire really good people like us, because we’ll give you a bit of direction and we have cool little things that make you feel a bit more normal – like, literally, we’ve studied techniques that make us better at this kind of stuff. We’re not just good photographers, we’re actually all really good people, too.

I noticed you are a team effort - do I get to meet my photographer before the wedding day?

Absolutely – we understand that relationship is important. All of our photographers utilize the same style and approach to wedding photography, so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of different portfolios. We have a pretty awesome planning process and we’ll match you up with your lead photographer at least 2-4 months before your wedding once we need to get to the nitty-gritty of your wedding day.

What about group photographs and family photographs? Do we need to provide a photo list to you?

If you want group and family photographs, of course we’ll do this for you. Once you book with us, we’ll reach out to you throughout the planning process to figure out what photographs are most important to you, including moments, group photos, family photos, details, etc. You do NOT need to put any work into making your own photo list – that’s what we are here for.

What about photo and video editing? What is that like with This Is Feeling?

Our philosophy is to get it right in the camera – meaning we like to capture authentic moments. Because of this, we honestly don’t need to do much editing. Have you ever noticed that your favorite photographs in your camera roll are the ones that are simply joyful memories, or an awesome moment where you just feel great about yourself and who you were with? That’s what we’re going for. We’ll do some tonal edits, color correction, and apply our signature editing style that you see throughout our website, but for the most part we really believe in creating amazing photographs on your wedding day. Advanced edits outside of our normal editing process are available through us, but for an additional fee.

What about black + white photographs?

We got ya – generally 10-20% of your collection will be black + white – it’s simply an artistic decision.

Do you have packages, and what do we need to include in our package?

We offer complete digital delivery service with some print options. First off, no funny business here: you get all of the edited digital photographs, and an amazing edited video highlight reel. There are no watermarks, no additional fees, none of that low-res crap. That said, we do our best to customize your package after chatting with you about what your wedding day looks like – we don’t want to over or undersell anything to you. We have all sorts of stuff you can add to your packages: print albums, a photo booth, 2nd photographer, engagement session, rehearsal coverage, ceremony and speech video edits, etc.

How long after the wedding until I get to see the final results? And do you have any kind of preview you can show us a few days after the wedding?

If you ask us really nicely, we’ll probably send you a few quick photographs from the wedding day, but we really like delivering all the photographs together because, you know, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Generally our photographs are done 4-8 weeks after the wedding, and video edits take 2-4 months.

Do I need a 2nd photographer?

There is so much debate about whether this is necessary or not – we’re one of the few companies that doesn’t find a 2nd photographer necessary for EVERY wedding we photograph, but we definitely offer it as an option – it’s really going to depend on your wedding day logistics, which we’ll discuss with you before booking, so no worries!

Do you have backup equipment and insurance? What if something happens to my photo/video team on the wedding day?

YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS! Yes we always have backup equipment on the wedding day. Yes we are fully insured. Everyone on our team has the same style and approach, and we always have someone on standby on wedding days in case there is an emergency with your photo/video team.

I like your style and approach - what kind of things should I be thinking about?

Not much, to be honest with you – listen to your gut and do your thing. If anything, I’d say don’t overthink it at all. We recommend setting up a quick phone call with us to be sure we’re all on the same page about things like style, approach, budget, and to get a general vibe from one another. And then we’ll go from there!

What does booking with This Is Feeling look like?

Booking is completed online through a digital booking link, which includes a contract, and a retainer payment. Retainers are around $1000-2000 depending on your package, and then we’ll set you up with a customized payment plan.


We cannot wait to hear from you and keep the discussion going!

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Please note: Although coverage ranges from $2800 to $8900, most of our couples spend around $4500 on their tailored wedding photography collection.