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this is feeling photography is a small team of creatives who live and breathe a fresh vision.  our team has over 20 years experience photographing 300+ weddings.  we hold this team to a high standard: dedication to the art + craft of photography, and personality absolutely counts.  we’ve all worked with some great companies – national geographic traveler, the Chicago Tribune, Eddie Bauer, Nike, Colombia college just to name a few.  but nothing is like working one-on-one with couples in love, and that’s why we work with this is feeling photography.

you definitely get to meet your photographer before the wedding.





BEN:  “I’m a man of few words until I begin talking.  I feel many, many things in life.  I am a biological blob of body and bone, full of passion and positivity.

I used to really love cats – I mean, I still do, but back in 2015 my wife and I had our first kid, and it totally blew my mind how much I fell in love with this little human we created together.  Unfortunately the cats don’t get as much attention any longer, but man do my kids love giving them a hard time 🙁  I now have 2 kiddos, Ella Rae and Easton Alexander.  And yes, I take WAY too many photographs of them, but mostly with my iPhone.

You can usually find me rockin’ out a Peloton Bike Bootcamp class, lost in meditation, or breathing through yoga with Denis.  And man do I love going to an OrangeTheory class with my wife!

If I get a free day in the summer, you’ll find me out surfing in Lake Geneva (go look for “wakesurfing” video on YouTube…)  If I get a free week, we’ll be out camping in our RV with the family.  Good times.  I love looking up at the stars at night.

When I’m not doing things I love doing for myself, I run men’s groups and coach men as a way to give back to the world – because wow, do we need to build a better model for the future of humanity.

I adore my wife.
I love photographing life (shocker!)”.



Born in Chicago – lover of nature, red wine, scotch, tequila, a good film, relaxation, and traveling.  Oh, and I love checking out a new restaurant.  I’m generally pretty quiet and love to observe the world behind my camera…unless I get some tequila in me, then you’ll find me on the dance floor. I’m latino, of course I know how to dance! 

I genuinely love meeting new people, appreciating the diversity of culture, and diving into deep conversation.

I’m extremely laid back, I aim to please, and I love to have fun – this is what makes me love being behind a camera on your wedding day.  I’m blessed to work with amazing people like you, and be part of your wedding day to capture some of your most favorite memories.

I always try to send positive energy and love to everyone I meet.  Family and friendship are paramount.  I’m a hippie at heart.  If I could, I’d probably live off grid raising some goats or being a bee keeper and living off the land.  But you know – the Chicago summer and falls got me sticking around.

I’ll share with you one of my favorite quotes by the visual artist Felix Gonzales-Torres:

“Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art.” 

Let me show you your own legacy, something to look back at in your photos, when I show up to photograph your wedding day.




Hi ya’ll, my name is Philip! When I’m not photographing weddings you can usually find me on my bicycle all around Chicagoland and beyond. Cycling brings me peace whether it’s on the Lakeshore Path, a dirt road in the woods, or best of all, a long distance tour (I actually just completed Nashville to New Orleans – ask me about it!)

I love being behind the lens because it’s always an opportunity to connect other people with something they truly care about.  And with your wedding day there is a lot to care about. There has been a camera in my hand for most of my adult life, and the camera allows me to tell stories through the in-between moments. There is just something so satisfying to me when I’m able  capture the essence of other people, their joy, their emotion, and their story through photography.  Memories don’t always last forever, and I want to help you remember something as important as your wedding day.

Outside of weddings, I love to cook, watch hockey, read in my hammock, go camping, drink way too much coffee, climb at the bouldering gym, and experience live music. I prefer tavern style pizza over deep dish – though if I’m completely honest, my favorite is Detroit style square…it’s a part of my childhood that will never go away! 

I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your exciting day.



“I enjoy photography because I have a really curious mind. I’m the type of person that is always looking for something even though I don’t know what I’m looking for – it’s more about dreaming and discovering. I get a lot of my inspiration from my wife, kids and from some of the great photographers I’ve meet in life.”

The gentle and humble Misa: a man of few words, with a heart that speaks profoundly about the life he’s built around the things he loves. You really need to know only a few things about Misa: he has 3 loves in his life – his family, the craft and art of all things espresso/coffee related, and, of course, photography. Just a bit of fair warning – if he gets a hold of your mobile number, you WILL receive epic photographs of the most beautiful latte art ever.



I consider myself very lucky to have family by my side – my son is the most energetic man in Chicago, and my mom is one of the most supportive women.  I describe myself as an easy-going and determined person.  I want to bring that sense of calm and determination to your wedding day.

I get to do something I love everyday, which is creating something everlasting. I get to be a part of and capture memories of the happiest day of people’s lives. Even though I am behind the camera, I get to build a special relationship with each couple on their wedding day.

So honestly, I always ask myself “Am I living my own dream or what?!”

One of my favorite quotes is all about the feeling of photography, which I absolutely believe in:    “Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”— Peter Adams



Hi, I’m Samuel! I’ve had a fascination with photography and videography since I was a child. When I photographed my first wedding in 2017, I was hooked. The day you choose to say “I do” to your partner and start a new chapter of your lives together is one of the most special moments you’ll have. This day deserves to be captured artfully and authentically so it can be remembered by yourselves and your loved ones for many years. Providing this for couples brings me so much joy! My other passions include listening to and playing music, mycology, hiking, traveling, trying new foods, and spending quality time with my partner Leah, son Rio and the other people I love most.

My approach to photographing couples and weddings is simple: create an experience where you and your partner can feel completely comfortable and actually enjoy yourselves! I focus on a candid style rather than a more posed or staged style. This means that I like to prompt you to interact with each other in different ways, allowing me to capture your genuine personalities and dynamic. It also takes the pressure off being in front of a camera! 

I can’t wait to get to know you, learn what makes your sparks fly and capture some of your most precious moments. 



Audrey:  lover of astrology, yoga, and photography.  Calm, quiet, and intent on finding the inner beauty of her surroundings, Audrey joined the team with a drive to better understand how to get to the heart of telling a story with photographs.  But maybe it’s best just to hear her own words:

I have a passion for finding the beauty in life, and a desire to learn, grow, and understand others. I want to know what makes you tick. The world is my playground and I am endlessly curious. I wake up every day to meditate on what I’m grateful for and try to practice unconditional love in every moment.

I’ve always been a creative, but I found my voice through photography in 2008. I love telling stories and evoking feelings through my images. My favorite thing to capture is people because I see so much beauty in everyone and I want others to see in themselves what I can see. 

Outside of photography you can normally find me being active either at the gym or through dance, yoga & acroyoga. Maybe one day you’ll see me in Cirque du Solei.”



JEREMY: Chicago native. Born into a creative family. Started my career as an actor. Moved into marketing. Fell in love with photography through helping my marketing clients with their Instagram accounts. Got into street photography.

I actually met my own wedding photographer who fell in love with my street photography. He became my first photography mentor and now here I am, a full time photographer.

To me, wedding days are about capturing the intimacy, and building trust with clients so they can forget they are being photographed. I shepard you through the day. My approach is visceral and raw, I am always calibrating for the moment.

I keep it light, easy and intuitive.  I’m inspired by truth, love, emotion, food (pizza, cheesesteak, Italian, Asian, Ice Cream + English Toffee), coffee (dark + bold with cream and sugar), laughter (Marx Brothers, Chris Guest, Tim + Eric, The UK Office + Arrested Development), music (Zappa, Beck, Van Halen, Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Jeff Buckley + good Hip Hop), DOGS, cars, tattoos, my wife (Samantha), my dog (Ziggy Stardust the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), my friends and my family.

 “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” I love making unique, one of a kind pictures.  Let’s go 🙂  Can’t wait to meet you!”



What can I say.. I love, love! As a wife and new mama, I know the importance of capturing memories so they can be enjoyed over and over again. I love the real candid moments of love, laughter and emotion & thinking about you smiling at your photos a decade from now. Not to brag, but I truly have the best job ever! 

When I’m not photographing weddings, you can catch me on the road exploring a new destination and jamming out to some 90’s rock. Music and art is fuel for my soul. As much as I love adventure, I am also quite the homebody and love cooking a delicious meal with my husband. Oh who am I kidding? He does most of the cooking while I do a lot of talking. 🙂

In 2017, I married my soulmate, a guitar player, a badass skateboarder and photographer. Then in 2020 we had our beautiful daughter, Luna. She lights up our life. Becoming a mother is the ultimate dream I am now living. I had no idea my heart could be so full.

I believe life is all about living each day to the fullest and spending lots of time with those we love. I am always down to celebrate love and have a good time!




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Lisa + Steve’s COVID Wedding at Las Palmas Chicago

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