Liyang + Brad’s COVID Wedding in Las Vegas

Jan 8, 2021

covid wedding las vegas this is feeling photograpy

Before we begin narrating our beautiful couple Liyang and Brad’s wedding story, we’d like to mention that this post is a part of our 8 blog COVID series. The pandemic threw everything in a state of a mess across the globe. Everyone in the event and wedding industry suffered too. But clients like Liyang and Brad made the world a lot better for us. We really appreciate such clients and dedicate this blog to them! Also, this blog is a special shout-out to our talented friends in the industry, Belinda and Tony of Let Me Show You Love. They lead shot this wedding for us when our team couldn’t be available on that particular day due to last-minute changes. However, we shot a little wedding reel for Liyang and Brad.

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Liyang and Brad had reached out to us at This Is Feeling Photo and Video for a documentary-style coverage of their wedding. They were supposed to get married at Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile on November 21, 2020, but COVID hit the world in March. Liyang and Brad remained hopeful that things would get better by the time their wedding date arrives but that didn’t happen. 

In the meantime, Liyang and Brad decided to downsize their wedding to conform to COVID restrictions, but even that didn’t help. The government slammed a strict winter mandate limiting group sizes to just 10 people. So just 8 days before their wedding, Liyang called me up and said that she was planning for an intimate wedding at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas and wanted us to shoot it. I loved her plan and asked Belinda and Tony to shoot it for us. I can’t thank them enough for agreeing to photograph Liyang and Brad’s wedding. They did such a fabulous job and the results were stunning. 

At Liyang’s sweet request This Is Feeling Photo and Video recorded her specially choreographed first dance with Brad while they were in Vegas. We delivered this video to her just a week before Christmas and got a lovely text back from Liyang. She loved the video and said this was the best Christmas gift they could have got.

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Liyang and Brad, thank you so much for trusting us and believing in us! We love you and wish you both a happy married life together.

To all those lovely couples out there, if you want to see more of our work, you can take a look at our website. For any queries, you can contact us or simply book a call.

covid wedding las vegas this is feeling photograpy covid wedding las vegas this is feeling photograpy covid wedding las vegas this is feeling photograpy covid wedding las vegas this is feeling photograpy

Featured Las Vegas Wedding Vendors

  1. Venue: Little Church of the West
  2. Shooter love: Lead Shooters—Belinda and Tony from Let Me Show You Love 


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